Friday, May 5, 2017

not the body nor the mind, nor even their witness


I am not my body, nor do I need it. I am the witness only.
I have no shape of my own. 

You are so accustomed to think of yourself as bodies having consciousness that you just cannot imagine consciousness as having bodies.

Once you realize that bodily existence is but a state of mind, a movement in consciousness, that the ocean of consciousness is infinite and eternal, and that, when in touch with consciousness, you are the witness only, you will be able to withdraw beyond consciousness altogether.

You are not the body.
You are the immensity and infinity of consciousness.


All that a Guru can tell you is: “My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken about yourself. You are not the person you think yourself to be.”

Trust nobody, not even yourself. Search, find out, remove and reject every assumption till you reach the living waters and the rock of truth.

Until you are free of the drug, all your religions and sciences, prayers and Yogas are of no use to you, for based on a mistake, they strengthen it.

But if you stay with the idea that you are not the body nor the mind, nor even their witness, but altogether beyond, your mind will grow in clarity, your desires — in purity, your actions — in charity and that inner distillation will take you to another world, a world of truth and fearless love.

–Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


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