Saturday, June 19, 2021

two orders of reality & the light of consciousness


[Physicist David] Bohm suggested that the explicate order is extracted from the implicate order in a similar way in which a holographic image is extracted from a series of swirls and shadings into a three-dimensional image when illuminated by laser light. 

The illumination that extracts the physical universe from the implicate order is the light of consciousness. 

In this model the act of observation draws ‘in-formation’ out of the implicate order and manifests it in the explicate order. Bohm was keen to use the term in-formation rather than information. By this he meant a process that actually ‘forms’ the recipient.

—Anthony Peake
Infinite Mindfield

. . .


We ourselves introduce that 
order and regularity in the 
appearance which we 
entitle 'nature'. 
We could never find them 
in appearances had we 
not ourselves, 
by the nature of 
our own mind, 
originally set them there.

—Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804)
The Critique of Pure Reason 


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