Saturday, April 1, 2023



‘What is grace?’ I asked God.

And He said,
‘All that happens.’

Then He added, when I looked perplexed,

‘Could not lovers
say that every moment in their Beloved’s arms
was grace?

Existence is my arms,
though I well understand how one can turn
away from

until the heart has

—St. John of the Cross
Love Poems from God
Daniel Ladinsky


However smart we may be, however rich and clever or loving 
or charitable or spiritual or impeccable, doesn't help us at all. 

The real power comes in to us from the beyond.

Life enters us from behind, where we are sightless,
and from below, where we do not understand.

And unless we yield to the beyond, and take our power and might
and honor and glory from the unseen, from the unknown,
we shall continue empty.

—D. H. Lawrence


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